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Aromatherapy Meets Skin Therapy.

G.H. Soaps brings you naturally organic products for healthy, happy skin. We've blended aromatherapy with skin therapy to create products that support whole body health and wellness. Under our BODYTRUTH brand, you'll find a variety of natural bar soaps, shea butters, moisturizers and skin care solutions for dermatitis, eczema, acne, blemishes and other skin issues. Our products work in a synergistic manner to improve skin by supporting and speeding the natural healing and regeneration process. Many shop with us because they've struggled with various ingredient sensitivities and skin issues. If you're simply looking for a honest product that with ingredients you can trust. Look no further. 

G.H. Soaps is a small, family owned operation, established in 2014 out of a community organic urban gardening initiative started by Stephanie Willis in Detroit, MI. We believe in whole body health, healing & wellness, which includes nutrition, exercise, spiritual connection, detoxification and of course, natural skin care. The BODYTRUTH brand was thus born out of the desire to create a product that supports healthy skin, using completely natural ingredients(1)

Committed to clean ingredients, we offer a generous variety of products to meet the needs of your family. We're one of the few, local handmade soap companies that does not use fragrance oil to scent our soaps, only pure therapeutic, certified, essential oils.  

No fragrance oils or perfumes, No synthetic ingredients, No dyes. Stop by and see us!


G.H. Soaps

Detroit, MI
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