Viva La Vida Imports, LLC

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Our names are Paola and Diana. Our journey began in 2016, when we started doing fairs for the first time ever. Technically, we began way before that, when our business ideas were just dreams. We started selling at flea markets, not so sure of what to sell but knowing that selling something was better than selling nothing, until eventually we found our true calling: Mexican handcrafts. It made perfect sense for us since we both come from Mexico and are fascinated by our culture. Hence, Viva La Vida Imports, LLC was born! 

Viva La Vida Imports, LLC works directly with Mexican artisans promoting Fair Trade with every sale we make. We personally choose every treasure we find along the way in our trips. Sometimes we are a little bit saddened to see our products go because we put a lot of love and effort into getting the right products just for you. But, no worries, we know they’re going to a better home.

As of right now, we’re a pop-up shop. However, we’re working super hard to have a physical location and become a brick-and-mortar store soon (yay!). But one step at a time. We’re finally creating our online store and having a stronger online presence. It was long overdue! You can also find us at the Eastern Market (Detroit, MI), or feel free to check our events through our website. We’ll be posting where we’ll be setting up next, so you can follow our footsteps (:

So we ask for your patience, this continues to be a journey to the unknown. A journey we never thought we’d take, but one that we couldn’t live without.


Viva La Vida Imports, LLC

Detroit, MI 48207
Market Days
Saturday Market, Sunday Street Market
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