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Detroit Lions Eastern Market Tailgating (December)

Welcome to Eastern Market Tailgating! We missed all of our Lions fans during the pandemic and are happy to welcome you back to tailgate at the market.

This year we are pleased to announce a new tailgating partner! Bullseye Event Group will be operating a Lion’s VIP Tailgate inside Shed 5. You can purchase tickets to their events at this link!

Please note that we have changed some of our tailgating rules in accordance with best practices and to ensure that all of our guests enjoy tailgating at Eastern Market. Please read this year’s rules carefully. Let’s Go Lions!

Eastern Market Partnership reserves the right to terminate parking privileges for violating stated rules.

How to Purchase Tickets:

  • All spaces are first come first serve ONLY!
  • The number of regular spaces (vehicles no larger than 9 feet by 19 feet) will vary depending upon whether there is a Sunday or Holiday Market. There are 22 spaces available for oversized spaces (vehicles larger than 9 feet by 19 feet).

Reservations for Shed 2 & Shed 3 Quads Only:

  • Reservations are only accepted for quads around Sheds 2 & 3. Please email Doshia Strong at dstrong@easternmarket.org for more information.
  • Otherwise, there is no reserved parking within Eastern Market tailgating areas. Guests that wish to park next to a family member or friend must arrive at the parking gate and lot at the same time, and both vehicles must have the approved tailgating parking passes for the designated tailgating parking lot(s). Access to the parking lot tailgating areas is on a first come, first served basis. There are no "in and out" privileges granted for vehicles. The saving of parking spaces by guests for other guests is prohibited. Only vehicles can be parked in spaces.


  • Tailgate and parking lots open at 7:00 AM. No early access to parking lots
  • All parking lots close and must be empty ninety minutes after the game.
  • NO OVERNIGHT PARKING! Violators will be towed at owner’s expense!


  • Tailgating is permitted only in posted lots. Tailgating is not allowed on any public streets, sidewalks, or alleys.
  • Tailgating or parking tickets purchased from Eastern Market are not valid in private parking lots.

Tailgating Rules:


  • All vehicles within tailgating areas must follow any instructions given by Eastern Market Partnership personnel.
  • Guests who fail to abide by Eastern Market Partnership personnel may be subject to immediate ejection from tailgate lots without reimbursement.
  • Musical performances by band or DJ’s require special permission prior to ticket purchase. Please email Doshia Strong at dstrong@easternmarket.org for more information.

How to Tailgate/Permitted Setup:

  • Your tailgate setup must be contained within the drive lane behind your vehicle.
  • Parking spaces may not be used for tailgate equipment alone.
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian walkways shall remain clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • Electricity is limited and not guaranteed. Small portable electric generators (600W or less) are permitted in parking lot tailgating areas. Electrical cords cannot be placed across parking areas/drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests.


  • Only State-approved gas/propane grills with fuel valve shut-offs and self-contained charcoal grills are permitted. NO OPEN FLAMES OR WOOD FIRES BY ORDER OF THE FIRE MARSHALL.
  • Self-starting coals or gas grills only. NO LIGHTER FLUID ALLOWED.
  • In parking lot tailgating areas, guests may bring and prepare food for consumption by their family and friends only.


  • All tailgate activities must be conducted in accordance with the law.
  • Alcohol must be contained within the tailgate lots.
  • For your safety and the safety of others please drink responsibly

Clean Up:

  • Tailgating areas must be kept in a neat and orderly condition, and all trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles. Guests must return their area back to its original state before leaving the tailgating area.
  • All hot coals must be extinguished and placed in the hot coal bins located in all tailgating lots.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Sale of food or beverage items by guests is prohibited. Unauthorized private catering companies are strictly prohibited.
  • Platforms, stages, and vehicles with advertising are not permitted in the tailgate areas, unless previously approved by Eastern Market Partnership.
  • Ball playing and frisbee throwing is not allowed underneath any structure.
  • Unregistered motorized and non-motorized vehicles are prohibited in tailgating areas, including, without limitation, golf carts, Segway's, skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards. Bicycles are permitted in tailgating areas only at designated bike racks.
  • Drones, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles or other similar motorized vehicles/devices are prohibited. Possession or operation of such devices may result in immediate ejection from the site and may also result in confiscation of such devices by security and law enforcement.
  • Amplified sound systems cannot be used at excessive volumes and playing music with inappropriate language (profanity, slurs, etc.) is prohibited.
  • The use of megaphones, airhorns, and other noise making devices is prohibited.
  • Advertising or commercial activities by guests are not permitted. Guest vehicles with exterior advertisement (e.g. wraps) are not allowed in the parking lot tailgating areas even with a valid tailgating parking pass. No commercial advertisement hung or displayed on guest vehicles, tents, signs, or by any other means possible is permitted.
  • Selling of items or soliciting of any promotional or marketing activities by guests is prohibited.
  • Disorderly conduct is not permitted.
  • Picketing, political campaigning, signature gathering, or soliciting or distribution of any kind, including promotional marketing, is not permitted within the tailgating areas and any other parking lot.
  • Weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited. This extends to both real weapons and fake weapons, such as toy guns, swords, knives, hatchets, or bombs that might be part of a costume.
  • Liquids other than water may not be poured out onto the ground.
  • Vehicles are parked within the parking lot tailgating areas at the owners' risk. Eastern Market Partnership and/or its agents are not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of/to vehicles or any other article left in parking lot tailgating areas.

Proceeds made from tailgating go to support our mission of operating our markets, providing greater access to good food, and growing local food businesses.

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