Henry The Hatter

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The utilitarian role of hats – warmth – is all but gone. But the role of hats in fashion and popular culture remains.

When Indiana Jones and “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” spawned an infatuation with down-turned brim fedoras, Henry the Hatter offered them in every material and price range. When Run-DMC and L.L. Cool J had rap fans searching for Kangol hats & caps, Henry The Hatter carried an enormous selection. And still today, the likes of Kid Rock and Steve Harvey still contact Henry The Hatter for their own hats.

Henry The Hatter has survived because it has embraced its customers and has adapted to their needs. The highly trained salespeople use their fashion sense to assist customers with selections that flatter not only the customers wardrobe, but they also take into account the style of each hat or cap, to accentuate the customers face and other features.

Over the last twenty years many of the changes that we have made in society and technology have also provided the means to make people think that hat wearing is no more then a fashion statement. But with doctors proving that over 75% of the body’s heat is lost through the head, and the recent backing of the American Association of Dermatology, and the Skin Cancer Foundation, showing that wearing a hat is a form of protection from the sun, you can see the continued benefits of wearing hats.

Henry the Hatter has been recognized by the Historical Society of Michigan as a Michigan Centennial Business, and has had the honor of twice being named “Hat Retailer of the Year” , Seymour Wasserman in 1977, and Paul Wasserman in 2000, by the Traveling Hat Salesmen Association Of America.


Henry The Hatter
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