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"Framing The Personality"

You never know what can happen once you clean out your garage. In June of 1996, I used the proceeds from my garage sale to launch my business "You've Been Framed", and changed the name in 2013 to "Frame Frenzie".

I was looking for a marketable outlet for my artistic talents. I have an Art and Design background from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and is the creative force behind Frame Frenzie.

I started with 12 Unique themed picture frame designs and began showing them at local art fairs. They went over so well that I decided to sell them wholesale. The Chicago Gift show was my first major show in 1992 with 35 designs and I was scared out of my mind, but it was a fabulous show and we were picked up by many retailers. I went on to do the New York Gift Show, Atlanta and San Francisco shows, and were featured in Giftware News many times with new products. 

I had my Mother, Marilyn working with me until she passed, and now my husband Mike has taken over and helps me out with special duties of prep and finish work so I have the time to complete each piece by hand. I am extremely meticulous about the balance and coloring of each piece and no one can produce them to my standard, so I do it all.

The frames are wood based, and hand painted. They are made from a variety of materials, ranging from edible Gumballs, and Jelly beans and other candies. I also makes a frame with dog biscuits named "Pooch Pal" an original design created with my Labrador Retriever Caesar at my side, now replaced by my Irish Setter, Bogie at my side waiting to grab treats off my work table, which holds my first Artistic Patent. 

The frames are available in 3 sizes: 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8 x 10, Custom orders are welcomed. With themes from Gumball Wizard, A House Divided, Go Blue! Heart Throb, Go Tigers!, Sweet Things, Spaceballs and many more. There's no need to worry about the frames deteriorating, they are all covered with a special protective finish. 

My frames are handmade and I sign each piece upon completion. Candy and colors vary but the themes are the same, with new designs coming up as the new candy comes in, yes some types just don't work. I sometimes get carried away with new ideas but that's the fun part of the designing new product. I love to do at least one retail show a year to see how the public reacts when I bring out new designs. In the past I have made customized Bulletin Boards, but Frames are true my Passion!

My goal is simple to share my passion for my creative outlet and to have people enjoy my Frames.


Frame Frenzie

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