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Detroit Kitchen Connect Application Workshop

This class will be on Thursday, February 18th & March 18th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Zoom.

This workshop is required for all potential Detroit Kitchen Connect applicants PRIOR TO applying for rental space and licensing. Eastern Market will follow up with qualified candidates to complete, reject, or postpone applications.

These workshops will be facilitated by Laura Romito with presentations by Becky DeYoung, Natasha Horne, Christine Quane, and PIC Food Safety. They will layout clear outlines of requirements for new food makers and how to successfully move through the licensing process.

Interested entrepreneurs will receive applications for Detroit Kitchen Connect, contact information for PIC, MSU Product Center, & MDARD, and more. They will also be provided with approximate costs for kitchen rental, licensing, label reviews, marketing materials, sources for co-packing, packaging/labeling materials, & more. Laura will also compile a list of options for insurance, online resources, business education opportunities, local markets, events, and more to give a broad picture of options.

Next Occurrence:
April 20th 12:36AM
April 20th 12:36AM